Introducing The PR Pocketbook

Hello, and welcome to The PR Pocketbook!

My name is Elise and I’m the face behind the blog. I’m not sure how you found me, but I’m very glad you did.

For the first post on The PR Pocketbook blog, I thought I would take the time to properly introduce The PR Pocketbook and what it’s all about.

Public relations is a practice that not many people understand, but it needn’t be this way. The truth is that implementing a PR strategy can achieve incredible things for small businesses at a low level of cost, yet it is still overlooked by many. The PR Pocketbook wants to change that…

What is The PR Pocketbook?

The PR Pocketbook is a blog and social community that provides pocket-sized PR advice to small business owners in an accessible and digestible format. The mission behind The PR Pocketbook is “to educate, support and empower small businesses through pocket-sized PR advice.”

Why does The PR Pocketbook exist?

The vision behind The PR Pocketbook is “to reposition PR as something that small businesses will embrace, rather than avoid, through free, accessible and digestible educational content.”

The PR Pocketbook believes that PR shouldn’t be this ‘great unknown’ or a source of stress for small business owners. Whatever their knowledge of PR, The PR Pocketbook provides small business owners with easy to understand, easy to consume PR advice that will help them elevate their brand.

How does The PR Pocketbook achieve its ambitions?

The PR Pocketbook achieves its mission and vision by breaking down important PR lessons into pocket-sized, digestible content, allowing small business owners to learn about PR at a time that suits them. By breaking down public relations into easy to understand, easy to consume content, The PR Pocketbook believes that it can educate small business owners about the value of PR and help them to implement it into their marketing strategy.

What values are at the heart of The PR Pocketbook?

  • Female empowerment: The PR Pocketbook is for everyone, but women in business will always be at its heart.

  • Accessible education: The PR Pocketbook believes that you don’t need a degree in PR in order to understand it. Our content is testament to that.

  • Community: The PR Pocketbook encourages businesses to see each other as peers rather than competitors, and to lift each other up.

Where can I find The PR Pocketbook?

You can find The PR Pocketbook on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok at @ThePRPocketbook. Please come and say hi!

I hope you feel like you know The PR Pocketbook a little better now, and I’d love for you to join us on social media for your pocket-sized PR fix. Whether you’re a small business owner, communications student or would just like to learn a little more about PR, The PR Pocketbook is your go-to place for all things public relations.

Speak soon and stay tuned!

All my love,

E xx

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