About The PR Pocketbook

Hello, and welcome to The PR Pocketbook!

My name is Elise and I’m the person behind the page. I’m a twenty-something PR Exec with a passion for supporting small businesses.

I was so inspired by the number of small businesses I saw being established during the pandemic, and I wanted to do something to show my support beyond simply putting my money where my mouth is.

It was then that I realised how else I could do my bit. By sharing my PR expertise and experience, I could educate, support and empower small business owners to leverage their brands through the power of PR. From there, The PR Pocketbook was born.


Our mission
“To educate, support and empower small businesses through pocket-sized PR advice.”

Our vision
“To reposition PR as something that small businesses will embrace, rather than avoid, through free, accessible and digestible educational content.”

Our values

  • Female empowerment: The PR Pocketbook is for everyone, but women in business will always be at its heart.

  • Accessible education: The PR Pocketbook believes that you don’t need a degree in PR in order to understand it. Our content is testament to that.

  • Community: The PR Pocketbook encourages businesses to see each other as peers rather than competitors, and to lift each other up.


I’d love for you to come and join The PR Pocketbook community on social media, where I’ll post exclusive PR content, updates and reminders for all new blog posts.

See you there!

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